Scouting for Food – 2500 items collected !

“You have no idea how much the hungry kids appreciate what you did.  Extra thanks.”

DeDe Hicks

President, CEO, The Volunteer Center


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We are very, very proud of the work that Troop 718’s scouts did for Scouting for Food on behalf of our less fortunate extended families.

Huge “Thank you” to all who volunteered and much gratitude to Von’s and our gracious Hollywood Rivera community.


Final numbers on Scouting for food:

  • 2500 items collected:
  • 2250 items donated to “The Volunteer Center, Food for Kids Program”
  • 250 items donated to St. Andrews church on Avenue “D”, Redondo Beach for their homeless feeding program (Summer’s food)
  • 87 hours of Community Service by both Scouts, Scout Leaders and Unit Adults.


The Volunteer Center applauds and appreciates Troop 718’s volunteerism and efforts



Scouting fro Food thx letter

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