Troop 718 ROCKS Service!

Both the HRSC Easter Egg Hunt and CA Trail Trails Days brought out the best in our Scouts!

**Egg Hunt: Led by Mr Hanhart, 16 Scouts (many of our newest members!) hid Eggs, blew up balloons, and handed out treats for the event, to serve about 160 kids!  HRSC expressed great appreciation for all our help!

**CA Trail Days: Led by Mr Applegate, 12 Scouts worked hard maintaining the Slide Mountain Trail!  A quote from one of the Fire Lookout Leaders: A special thanks to Mark Applegate’s Boy Scout troop. These young men worked their butt’s off along with their leaders. I can’t say enough about this group of young men.”

We are always seeking new service opportunities.  If you know of or are part of an organization that can use some help, please let any of our leaders know!

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