SMC / BOR Calendar Login

The SMC/BOR calendar will be used to coordinate and display scout meeting dates and times.

  • After confirming an appointment date/time for the Scoutmaster Conference or Board of Review meeting, login and enter the agreed upon appointment time.
  • This calendar will display publicly for Website members.  Scouts or parents can click on their appointment time to have the event downloaded to their own electronic calendar.
  • If meeting location is entered, a google map will be generated automatically.
  • As desired, the scout and/or parent can be invited via email directly through Google Calendar.  You will be alerted when the appointment time is accepted or rejected.


Login to the SMC/BOR Google Calendar here
[email protected]


Event Naming Convention

ScoutMaster Conference

  • Event Name – SMC: LastName, First Initial
  • Event color TURQUOISE

Board of Review

  • Event Name – BOR: LastName, First Initial
  • Event color GREEN