Membership and Registration

Several forms must be completed and submitted for a boy to be registered as a Boy Scout. These may be obtained from the Scoutmaster, or copies from this website. Once the boy has submitted the forms and paid his dues he may continue to attend Troop activities while the processing is taking place at the Council headquarters. The forms are:

  • Boy Scouts of America Registration Form
  • Medical Release Form
  • Troop Information Sheet
  • Parent Volunteer Form
  • Dues Form


Dues are payable when a boy joins the Troop and upon renewal of registration each September at the beginning of the school year. (If there is a financial hardship with dues, uniforms, or other elated expenses a parent should speak to the Scoutmaster confidentially, and an effort will be made to obtain financial assistance or to spread out payment. No boy will be denied participation because of financial hardship.)

Dues cover the cost of running the Troop, and a portion of cost of Council and National. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • registration in Boy Scouts of America (BSA)
  • family sustaining contribution to Los Angeles Council
  • one-year subscription to Boys Life
  • badges, hiking patches, and awards
  • Troop supplies: administrative and camping

Dues do not cover:

  • uniforms
  • food on hikes and camping trips
  • mileage for hike drivers
  • special activities
  • summer camp or camping activities

Parent Involvement

Troop 718 provides an opportunity for boys to have fun, learn, have great experiences, demonstrate responsibility and leadership. We are grateful for wonderful support by Troop parents. Because many adults give a great deal of time to the program for your sons, we ask that every parent contribute to the success of the Troop by taking on some job, and assuming some responsibility. We have found that the Scouts who tend to be most successful are those whose parents participate most actively. We have a vast number of jobs that need to be done by adults, and surely there is one that will appeal to each parent, and fit each schedule. Each Scouting applicant should make sure that his parents complete the Parent Volunteer Form, and return it with the registration materials.

Uniform Requirement

This troop is part of national organization that requires a uniform. A uniform is important because it is a visible symbol of the unity of the troop. A Scout should wear it to all Scout functions and meetings unless told otherwise. The uniform is explained in the Boy Scout Handbook on pages 566-567.

To start, you will need the following:

  • Scout Shirt (short sleeve suggested) with the following patches:
    • left sleeve: LA Area Council
    • “718” (white numbers on red background)
    • right sleeve: U.S. Flag
    • (see the inside cover of the Boy Scout Handbook for correct placement)
  • Scout Long Pants or Shorts
  • Scout Belt
  • Scout Socks
  • Boy Scout Neckerchief Slide (troop will provide the neckerchief)

The troop will provide the following:

  • Boy Scout Handbook
  • Boy Scout Requirements (rank and merit badge information)
  • Notebook for keeping all Scout Handouts and information
  • Neckerchief
  • Red troop hiking shirt (T-shirt)

Our troop has a “Uniform Closet” which contains uniforms that have been outgrown and are available to any Scout in our troop who needs one. You are welcome to check it first before buying your uniform. Likewise, we would appreciate it if when you outgrow your uniform, you would donate it to the uniform closet.

Uniforms can be purchased from the downtown Los Angeles BSA Headquarters or the Scout Shop at Cabrillo Marina (map enclosed). Most of our Scouts shop at Cabrillo since it is located in San Pedro and considerably closer than downtown. The personnel at Cabrillo are very knowledgeable and willing to help with any questions you may have. A map is enclosed for your convenience. A call ahead to see if they have a particular size, style, etc. is advisable. They are closed on Sunday and Monday.

The sporting goods store, Sport Chalet, also ahs a limited selection of Boy Scout uniforms. They do not carry the required patches so shop at Cabrillo first. Sport Chalet basically has shirts, shorts, and hats. It is located at 21305 Hawthorne Blvd. across from Del Amo Mall