Campout Leftovers

Troop Leaders try to help Grubmasters use all campout food.  Leftover food that is not discarded is returned to the Grubmaster’s home.  Grubmasters may keep or donate the food.  Only donate UNOPENED goods.  Fresh items (like cheese) can be donated if it is still cold when received back.  Do not donate anything which may have been compromised.

Please call ahead before delivering groceries.

Will accept perishable and non-perishable goods: Beacon Light Mission, Wilm, 310.830.7063

Will accept non-perishable goods:

Food For Kids, Torrance Volunteer Center, Tor, 310.212.5009

St Lawrence Martyr Catholic Church, RB, 310.540.0329

Journey of Faith Interfaith Church, MB, 310.372.4641

St Mary Margaret Catholic Church, Lom, 310.326.3364