The Advancement Process

Troop 718 advances Scouts as they meet the requirements established by the Boy Scouts of America and as listed in the handbook.  Alternate requirements for Scouts with disabilities are also listed.   

Before achieving First Class, Scouts may work on and complete requirements for more than one rank at a time.  For example, the Summer Camp Pathfinder program is designed to complete many of the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class requirements, during one week of camp.  This aspect encourages new Scouts to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and participate more fully from the start.   After a Scout has achieved First Class, he is to fulfill requirements for each of the succeeding ranks in that order.

Boys join the Troop as a Scout.  To advance to the next rank, the Scout must:

  1. Demonstrate the required skills, abilities or knowledge for the rank in front of a Scoutmaster.
  2. Ask the participating Scoutmaster to sign-off on requirements demonstrated.
  3. Ask the participating Scoutmaster to sign-off on attended campouts or service, as they apply to the rank.
  4. Sign-offs may occur at a designated time at Troop meetings, on outings, or at the Scout’s request.

Once the Scout receives sign-offs for all the requirements for the rank, he participates in the following:

  1. The Scoutmaster Conference.  The Scout meets one -on-one with the Scoutmaster and reviews his achievements.  (Youth Protection rules apply).  After meeting, the Scoutmaster will recommend the Scout to the Board of Review.  Scoutmaster conferences are scheduled upon the Scout’s request.
  2. The Board of Review.  The Scout presents himself to a Board of three or four adults (Troop parents) as a candidate for promotion.  The Board interviews him and decides whether he is ready for the next rank.  Upon approval, paperwork is submitted to the BSA local council to register the Scout’s promotion.  Board of Reviews are typically held a week or two preceding a Court of Honor.
  3. The Court of Honor.  The Scout is officially recognized in his new rank and is awarded his rank badge, at this special Troop celebration.  Courts of Honor are held regularly so Scouts and their families can celebrate their most recent achievements.