About Dropbox

Here’s some quick videos on how Dropbox is used.  It is important because most of the reference and legacy documents will be accessible and editable via Dropbox.  Dropbox is a file storage/sharing service that stores files in the cloud (remote internet location) but allows continuous two-way synchrinization of the files between your computer, the cloud and anyone else that you “share” your files with.

Think of multiple computers as multiple users (committee members)


It is best that you give Dropbox a try (download to your computer) by USING THIS LINK, if you use this link, TROOP 718will get more FREE storage space.

The main user can share folders with the appropriate person and all persons who have been granted access to the specified Dropbox folder can create/edit/save

Dropbox Intro Video  2:17

More detailed “How to use Dropbox” GREAT INFO ON SHARING 7:17

Dropbox Sharing Tips 9:24

Dropbox vs Google docs 5:53