Youth Protection/Code of Conduct

CLICK HERE  for online BSA Youth Protection Training and Policies. 

Troop 718 follows strict policies so boys and family members can stay and feel safe.  Parents are asked to read “A Parent’s Guide: How to Protect Your Child from Abuse” (tear-out section in Scout Handbook) for their son’s advancement and to take the 20 minute BSA Youth Protection Online Training course (see link above). 

Troop 718 & BSA Youth Protection Policies

Troop 718 Scout Code of Conduct

Troop 718 Leaders & Parents know it is everyone’s job to keep members physically and emotionally safe.  Should a parent or scout ever deem it necessary to report an incident, please do so immediately to the Scoutmaster, Adult Leader in charge, or Troop Chaplain.  Suspected abuse situations should be reported to the police and the BSA Los Angeles Council Executive, in conformance to the BSA Youth Protection Guidelines. 

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