From Life Scout to Eagle Scout

CLICK HERE for Eagle Materials Pacifica District Advancement Web Page (see Life to Eagle Box)

Click Here for List of Eagle Project Ideas.

Life Scouts: you are to schedule an appointment with the In-Troop Eagle Guide or Scoutmaster to review your Scout Binder and get feedback for potential Eagle projects.  It is important you bring a timeline that includes 1) expected completion of all Eagle required Merit Badges and 2) how you will implement your Eagle project.  Further instructions will be given in this meeting.

Eagle Scout projects should provide a service opportunity for all Troop 718 Scouts!  Please share your projects with the Troop to accomplish this.  Samples of Eagle Projects can be found by Googling Eagle Projects.

All information the Scout needs is in the above link.  Parents are advised to READ all documentation as well, so they are informed as to what is needed.  The above link provides the Eagle Scout application, BSA contacts, and other related information.