Having a great time at SUMMER CAMP



Sent : Wed 6/25/2014 10:28 PM

Troop: Everyone is settling in well to camp life.  Wipeout’s food has been great and the staff is, well, amazing like always.

Such high energy all the time to keep the scouts motivated and on task, as much as possible. Our Polar Bears are up at 5:30 AM to go to the pool and “eat their fishies”.  They do this twice for their patch. Tuesday was an awesome day for Troop 718; we won the “Kooz Stick”, we won uniform inspection (first to eat dinner) and placed 3rd in basketball.

Our provisional scout, Colton, who joined the troop from camp  (Alex Schwartz’s cousin from San Pedro) has fit right in and helped out in the scout games tonight. Our four Pathfinders are working hard on requirements and are having their first pathfinders over nighter away from our camp. The boys will once again sleep well tonight. Brian Hanhart, Scoutmaster Troop 718

Sent: Mon, Jun 23, 2014 9:55 pm Subject: FLSR Update – Monday

Troop: We arrived early, checked in first and are in Upper Virginia City (the good one).

Almost every Scout passed the Swim test and we have Herbie (from Pathfinders) as a Troop Buddy. Monday started off well with only a few Merit Badge Class changes from the Merit Badge Mid-way.  Duece is Director, Good Stuff Program and Nixon Commissioner.  Riptide is Pollock Director and Pops is, well Pops; finally, Wipeout is the chef!  (changed from waterfront director to chef…go figure)

Food is as good as ever and the camp spirit is awesome! Our scouts are adjusting to camp life with no real issues to speak of.  Our pathfinders have already gotten signoffs and we scored 98 out of 100 for our first camp inspection.

Foxes & Hounds went off with no injuries (to 718 at least) and it appears we won!  Spirit competition is tough but we will persevere!  Our leadership staff is great (shout out to SPL Singh) and we are getting more organized at every step. 718 is off to a great start with a lot more fun to go.  718 IS IN THE HOUSE! That’s it for now, Brian Hanhart, Scoutmaster Troop 718

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