Sample Outing – Gallery Post

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This is a sample OUTING POST.  This post uses a Gallery Style post where photos display as a slideshow.  Gallery or Photos are not necessary to post an outing – however, a featured image for the outing is strongly recommended.

ASMs will post events all event details of the outing HERE in the body of this post.

The format will be standardized to include the following:

  • What
  • Where – with maps
  • When
  • What to bring
  • How much
  • Uniform requirements – Class A, Class B or Other
  • Names of ASM’s in charge

It will not include the required event documentation.  All PERMISSION SLIPS and REFERENCE INFO will be accessible via the BROWN downloads button in the right sidebar.

Registration reservation for all outings will be processed via the EventBrite Outings page.  All participants are required to use the EventBrite page to signup for Outings.

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