042816 – Cyber Chip

As of January 2016, all ranks up through Star Scout must earn the National CYBER CHIP (Cyber Safety) award, for advancement.  
Requirements are grade-specific; some requirements are to be completed at home.

AT HOME: EVERYONE: Print requirements by clicking on this LINK; SCROLL DOWN to select your grade level.  Click on printer icon in upper left corner.
Parents, please initial the printout to verify which requirements your scout was able to complete at home.  Scouts are to bring this printout to a Leader at an in-Troop workshop.


IN-TROOP: Two (2) workshops will be held.  Do your best to attend your session.

  • On Sunday, May 1, 5th graders only: blue cards/grade specific requirements will be addressed during Trail to First Class.  Bring your handbooks!
  • On Sunday, June 5 6-6:30 (tentative date), all other grades: green cards/grade specific requirements will be addressed.  Bring your Handbooks!

Those who earned Star or Life rank under the old Handbook are not required to earn the Cyber Chip, but we recommend all Scouts & parents review the online cyber-safety information.  If you have questions, please ask an Adult Leader.

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