Annual Member Re-enrollment

Dear Scouts and Parents,

Two years ago, BSA raised annual Scout membership fees by $12 and volunteer fees by $13.   Despite this, Troop 718 kept dues at $125, and absorbed these increases.

After much consideration, and to ensure we always provide the best Program possible for our Scouts, we are increasing annual dues to $140.  Eagle Scout dues will remain at $95.  Dues for any Scout turning 18 in 2017, regardless of rank, is $50.

Many Troops require Scouts to sell popcorn or other products, to offset Troop costs.  We believe this $15 increase creates less of a burden to our Scout families than to enact mandatory fundraising.

The price change will take place in November, at re-enrollment.  We understand this may impact some families.  Please know that financial assistance or payment plans are available.  If needed, discuss your situation with Randy Klinenberg, our Committee Chairperson.

Click here for Dues Policy, to see what your dues pay for.

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B. Hanhart, Scoutmaster, [email protected]
B. Arthur, 1st ASM, [email protected]
R. Klinenberg, Committee Chair, [email protected]

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