FLSR Summer Camp – Pathfinder Program

Pathfinder information – for 2015 Summer Camp Attendees

trail to 1st class

The FLSR’s (Forest Lawn Summer Camp) Pathfinder Program is an all day program designed for the First Year Scout who is working on his Trail-to-First-Class requirements.

This exciting program is tailored to individual abilities and the readiness level of each participant. The Pathfinder Program offerings have been embellished to give Scouts an opportunity to earn Merit Badges while working on the Trail to First Class.

Participants in the Pathfinder Program can complete many of the requirements needed to advance up to First Class, as well as earn some merit badges.

  • Scouts must participate in this program from first through fifth periods.

In addition to working on Trail-to-First-Class requirements, Scouts will have an opportunity to work on the following:

  • Swimming Merit Badge (or Instructional Swim depending on their skill level),
  • First Aid Merit Badge
  • Cooking Merit Badge
  • Wilderness Survival Merit Badge

The FLSR course content includes the following:

  • map and compass
  • knife and ax
  • basic knots
  • Totin‟ Chip
  • Firem„n Chit
  • The Outdoor Code and
  • Identification of poisonous plants and reptiles.

Scouts in the Pathfinder Program are also urged to work on Handicraft Merit Badges during free time.

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