Troop 718 Newsletter

Dear Scouts and Parents –

Summer is a time for family and travel and we hope everyone’s summer was great!  As we return to routine, T718 Leaders have an announcement. To be responsive to our Troop’s changing needs, Adult Leadership has been working on a plan for continuous Troop improvement.  

This Sunday, Sep 21, we will be kicking off this plan, which will include, among other things:

  • Shorter, more defined Troop meetings (6:15-7:30 sharp), to regularly include advancement, skills training, and games.
  • Remixed Patrols, so older scouts can lead and interact with younger scouts more effectively.
  • “Tiered” Outing offerings, including “Junior” Venture, to get scouts ready for their next level of adventure.
  • Individualized attention, encouragement, and advancement support for each scout rank.
  • An informational meeting series (scout and parent) to address expectations and preparation for each level of advancement.

As Leaders, we commit to focus first on the Scouts and their families and strive to continually review and adjust Troop processes so that the Troop experience is fun, engaging, and valuable for all.  More information regarding these and other changes will be forthcoming.

We’d like all Scouts to attend Troop Elections, this Sunday.  More so, we want every member to learn about, experience, and benefit from our goal toward continuous improvement.   As always, we welcome parents and scouts to tell us how we are doing and see what’s coming next!

Yours in Scouting,
Brian Hanhart – Scoutmaster
Brian Arthur – Lt. Scoutmaster
Randy Klinenberg – Committee Chairperson

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