Epic Summer Camp at Forest Lawn


All Scouts & Parents

FLSR Circle X @ Bighorn summer camp was EPIC!

Our 27 scouts and 3 adults ruled camp in every way, earning:

  • Over 120 Merit Badges, 38 of them Eagle Required
  • 7 Partial Merit Badges
  • Over 145 Rank Advancements
  • 6 Polar Bears
  • 20 John Muir Scout Awards
  • Went on 14 Over nighters
  • 1 Mile Swim
  • 2 High Cope
  • 2 Scoutmaster Merit Badges
  • Performed 2 skits at the Commissioners Campfire
  • 2 Perfect Campsite Inspections
  • Completed 2 Service Projects
  • 4 days of Conservation Project
  • The “Big Kahuna’s Menehune Patrol”
  • The “Big Kahuna’s Menehune Campers Patch”

Now for the accolades, Troop 718 Won:

  • Foxes & Hounds 1st Place
  • 3rd in Basketball
  • One Scout 2nd in Dodge ball on a pickup team
  • Camp wide Uniform Inspection – 1st Place
  • Adult Leader Shotgun 2nd in Adult
  • Leader Rifle Camp Relay Race – 1st place (by 3:39 over second place, with two 11 year old Pathfinders on the team!)
  • The “KOOZ Stick”

Be being a Volunteer Camp Commissioner once again this year, it gives me the opportunity to meet most of the Adult Leaders in camp and a lot of Scouts from other troops.  Our troop was truly boy lead!  Our Scout Leaders were the ones that organized and led our scouts to achieve the above with little influence from their adult leaders.  They “earned” what they achieved and should be congratulated for their accomplishments, with a shout out to:

  • Garvin Singh, SPL
  • Nik Swesson, ASPL
  • Christopher Miller, Patrol Leader
  • Andrew Calbreath, Patrol Leader
  • Troy Wakimoto, Patrol Leader
  • Leon Jiang, Patrol Leader

All of the Scouts were impressive in what they did and how they did it.  We should all be proud of our young men;  I know I am!

Brian Hanhart, Scoutmaster
Troop 718
Riviera Scouting


“A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room.”

Sir Badden-Powell, Scouting’s Founder

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