Helping the Troop

Like all Boy Scout Troops, Troop 718 is a volunteer run organization. We rely on our involved parents to create the best Troop we can for our sons.  Simply put, our parents are the gas that makes the organization go.

As well as helping their own Scout, at minimum, parents are asked to provide occasional transport to and from outings.  Parents are also welcome to help balance the adult to scout ratio at outings, when necessary.  Adults must present their Youth Protection certification to attend overnight outings.

Troop 718 is always seeking parents with interest, talent, and enthusiasm for Scouting.  For those who can only help a little, our Troop Committee has team spots on our Board of Review, Social Events, or Fundraising sub-committees.  Here parents need only help out once or twice a year.  Those who would like greater involvement may join our Troop Committee or sign up as a Merit Badge Counselor.  And for those who wish to partake in the Boy Scout Adventure first-hand,  Troop 718 welcomes you to consider becoming an Assistance Scoutmaster.  ASMs participate in District-led training to teach them how best to mentor and guide the Scouts in our Troop.

Each Spring, Troop 718 holds an annual Greet and Meet to welcome new member parents and to discuss ways parents can help the Troop.  However, you can help out anytime by contacting our Scoutmaster or Committee Chairperson.  To become an adult volunteer, complete the Adult Application and the Youth Protection On-line Training.  Submit the application and YP Certificate together to Membership.   With the exception of Merit Badge Counselors, Troop 718 does not accept as volunteers any adult who is not a family member to a Scout.

If you would like to volunteer for a volunteer position, or wish to learn more, please speak with the Scoutmaster, Committee Chairperson, or click on the CONTACT US icon in the left sidebar to send a message.