Scout Code of Behavior

Troop 718 prides itself on the respectful attitude of our Scouts and Scout families.  At events, boys are expected to follow the tenets of the Scout Law and to be attentive to leaders in order to learn, advance, and most of all, keep safe. 

Adult leaders know boys have lots of energy and often can be quite rowdy or seem inattentive.  That said, we make sure our Scouts know what is acceptable behavior and what is not.  We stand by a zero tolerance policy for offensive, abusive, or inappropriate behavior, and disciplinary action may result from any the following:

  • Disrespect for the privacy of other Scouts, as described in the BSA Youth Protection Policy.
  • Bullying behavior, such as hazing, shunning, coercion, threats, physical or emotional violence against another Troop member.
  • Use of derogatory or explicit language toward a racial, ethnic, or religious group, of a sexual nature, or toward other Troop members.
  • Extreme disregard for the safety or property of other Scouts or Troop personnel.
  • Any of the above infractions while attending a public event in uniform, that is, as a representative of Troop 718 or Boy Scouting.

Should a parent or scout ever feel the need to make a report, please do so immediately to the Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster attending the event, the Committee Chairperson, or the Troop Chaplain.  Suspected abuse situations should be reported in conformance to the BSA Youth Protection Policy.  To access the Youth Protection Policy, please see top menu About Troop 718, Youth Protection.