Roster of In-Troop Merit Badge Counselors

For a complete list of Local Area Counselors, please see Troop 718 Merit Badge Coordinator.
Badge as of July 2014 In-Troop Counselor Email Phone
718 Merit Badge Coordinator Dr. Bass [email protected] 310.791.1447
American Business Mr. Burt [email protected] 310.413.6150
American Business Mr. Wakimoto [email protected] 310.245.2169
Architecture Mr. Burt [email protected] 310.413.6150
Architecture Mr. Mason [email protected] 310.516.0155
Art Mr. Mason [email protected] 310.516.0155
Astronomy Mr. Klinenberg [email protected] 310.977.1607
Backpacking Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Bird Study Ms. Roetzel [email protected] 310-722-9798
Bugling Mr.Leferve [email protected] 310.543.8730
Camping Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Canoeing Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Chemistry Ms. Roetzel [email protected] 310-722-9798
Chess Mr.Leferve [email protected] 310.543.8730
Cinematography Mr. Klinenberg [email protected] 310.977.1607
Citizenship In The Community Mr. Lippon [email protected] 310.375.3207
Citizenship In The Nation Mr. Lippon [email protected] 310.375.3207
Citizenship In The Nation Ms. Iwamuro [email protected] 310.567.7857
Citizenship In The World Mr. D’Ambrosio [email protected] 310.791.8747
Citizenship In The World Mr. Lippon [email protected] 310.375.3207
Communication Mr. Burt [email protected] 310.413.6150
Computers Mr. Wakimoto [email protected] 310.245.2169
Cooking Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Cooking Mr. Lippon [email protected] 310.375.3207
Cooking Ms. L. Schwartz [email protected] 310.378.7578
Crime Prevention Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Cycling Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Cycling Mr. Lippon [email protected] 310.375.3207
Drafting Mr. Mason [email protected] 310.516.0155
Electricity Mr. D. Schwartz [email protected] 310.378.7578
Electricity Mr. Wakimoto [email protected] 310.245.2169
Electronics Mr. D. Schwartz [email protected] 310.378.7578
Emergency Preparedness Dr. Bass [email protected] 310.791.1447
Engineering Mr. Wakimoto [email protected] 310.245.2169
Entrepreneurship Mr. Burt [email protected] 310.413.6150
Entrepreneurship Mr. Wakimoto [email protected] 310.245.2169
Environmental Science Mr. D. Schwartz [email protected] 310.378.7578
Environmental Science Ms. Roetzel [email protected] 310-722-9798
Family Life Mr. Burt [email protected] 310.413.6150
Family Life Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
First Aid Dr. Bass [email protected] 310.791.1447
Fishing Mr. Larue [email protected] 310.375.5269
Forestry Ms. Roetzel [email protected] 310-722-9798
Gardening Mr. Burt [email protected] 310.413.6150
Golf Dr. Bass [email protected] 310.791.1447
Hiking Mr. D’Ambrosio [email protected] 310.791.8747
Home Repairs Mr. D. Schwartz [email protected] 310.378.7578
Home Repairs Mr. Wakimoto [email protected] 310.245.2169
Insect Study Ms. Roetzel [email protected] 310-722-9798
Journalism Mr.Leferve [email protected] 310.543.8730
Journalism Mr. Mason [email protected] 310.516.0155
Kayaking Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Landscape Architecture Mr. Burt [email protected] 310.413.6150
Lifesaving Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Mammal Study Ms. Roetzel [email protected] 310-722-9798
Medicine Dr. Bass [email protected] 310.791.1447
Model Design Dr. Bass [email protected] 310.791.1447
Motorboating Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Music Mr.Leferve [email protected] 310.543.8730
Nature Ms. Roetzel [email protected] 310-722-9798
Nuclear Science Mr. D. Schwartz [email protected] 310.378.7578
Oceanography Mr. D’Ambrosio [email protected] 310.791.8747
Oceanography Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Oceanography Ms. Roetzel [email protected] 310-722-9798
Orienteering Mr. D’Ambrosio [email protected] 310.791.8747
Painting Mr. Mason [email protected] 310.516.0155
Personal Fitness Dr. Bass [email protected] 310.791.1447
Personal Fitness Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Personal Management Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Personal Management Mr. Lippon [email protected] 310.375.3207
Personal Mgmt Mr. Klinenberg [email protected] 310.977.1607
Photography Mr. Klinenberg [email protected] 310.977.1607
Pioneering Mr. D’Ambrosio [email protected] 310.791.8747
Public Speaking Mr. Applegate [email protected] 310.941.5236
Public Speaking Mr. Mason [email protected] 310.516.0155
Railroading Mr. Burt [email protected] 310.413.6150
Reading Mr. Applegate [email protected] 310.941.5236
Reading Mr.Leferve [email protected] 310.543.8730
Reptile & Amphibian Study Mr. Applegate [email protected] 310.941.5236
Robotics Dr. Bass [email protected] 310.791.1447
Rowing Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Salesmanship Mr. Applegate [email protected] 310.941.5236
Scholarship Mr.Leferve [email protected] 310.543.8730
Sculpture Mr. Mason [email protected] 310.516.0155
Small Boat Sailing Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Sports Mr. Wakimoto [email protected] 310.245.2169
Swimming Mr. Hanhart [email protected] 310.375.7482
Theater Mr.Leferve [email protected] 310.543.8730
Theater Mr. Mason [email protected] 310.516.0155