Outings give our boys what many think of as “the real experience” of Boy Scouting.  Camping and campfires, hiking, canoeing, archery, orienteering, rock-climbing, etc., are all part of the Scout adventure and a big reason why so many boys love Scouting.

Campouts are one or two nights; sites are usually within a two-hour drive.  Boys plan meals, cook, and clean up; they pitch their own tents and are responsible for  their belongings.  Scouts generally sleep two to a tent.  Adult tents are grouped at a distance from the Scout’s tents.   A minimum of two adults must be present on all outings, in accordance with the BSA Youth Protection Policy.  Additional adults are often needed based on Scout attendance, activities, and venue.  The Troop provides all tents and cooking equipment.

Troop 718 offers outings appropriate to the age and experience of our Scouts.  Younger scouts learn “the ropes” during easy-to-moderate hiking, camping, watersports, or backpacking trips while older scouts take the lead.  In all cases, outings are carefully planned with adult leadership to prioritize personal safety and respect for each other and the environment, while promoting teamwork, know-how, and individual responsibility.

Troop 718’s Venture Patrol keeps our older scouts challenged.  As boys become more proficient and confident in their outdoor skills, they often seek greater challenges to keep them engaged and always learning.  Out Venture Patrol addresses this need.  Activities such as white water rafting, hard terrain backpacking, rappelling, long distance cycling, and advanced rock climbing are examples of Venture Patrol outings.  Participants generally must be at least 13 years old, ranked First Class or higher, and meet the approval of the attending Scoutmaster for each specific outing.

Permission slips for each specific outing are required for attendance.  The slip must be signed by the Scout’s parent or legal guardian and submitted in advance of the outing.