Helping Your Scout

There are many ways a parent can help, but here’s the most important one: If you take Scouting seriously, your son will too.   To show your active support, you should:

  • review the Advancement Path (Scout Handbook, pages 432-447) together with your Scout so you both know how he advances.
  • encourage your Scout to attend Troop activities and always get him there on time.
  • provide time and opportunity to work on Scouting; assist him when needed and remind him to get his handbook signed.
  • stay informed by visiting the website and reading Troop communications.
  • allow your Scout independence so he can gain confidence and feel personally responsible for his achievements.

By helping your Scout in these ways, you also help the Troop run better.   However, there are some direct ways you can help the Troop:

  • get to know other Scout parents.
  • take Youth Protection Training to be informed about BSA’s youth safety polices.
  • be a driver for outings and attend some activities with your son.
  • or share your special talents by volunteering for a Troop position.