Open Forum

This is a temporary page to log website building topics, questions, direction, etc.

* Public vs, private vs password protected.  Discussion re: which sections re: which security.   Prefer that boys all are private (members log on) vs password.

Items to consider in top menu are Events and Adult Leader lists (if provided).  Scout menu: patrol bulletins, COH and Eagle items…  Patrol roster?

* Is there a mechanism that I can send an email to an specific individual via the website?

* Should entire Scout Menu be hidden from public.

* How do we keep public from logging on as a member or signing up for events?

* Calendar and event templates – decide best option. – Dave recommended a calendar plug-in to customize by event.

* Is there a method for members to self enter their contact info to create a member roster – i.e. database format with prompts for name, address, email address, phone, other (to enter Scout name)?

* Patrol bulletins one page.

* Specific targeted email distributions/reminders for events and calendar- discussion with group.

* Submit med forms, etc through google docs?  –  secondary priority.  Paypal – secondary priority.

* Dave listed Event Expresso and Event Organizer for more flexibility, if we need that for different event types other than outings (or for outings too).


To do:

* Standardize headings to = deadlinks or other.

* Set up Contact Us type box on Visit a Meeting

* Set up Change of contact information box on Parent Participation

* Set up YP link under Membership

* Add Orientation Packet and Fact Sheet, add Med Forms, Waiver, Applications, etc.

* List of Documents for adults (include Parent Info From) – proabbaly don’t need separate pages for all the forms

* Go through page by page to determine where links can go to forms or contact or other info – and apply logic.  Top menu for Visitors, and for All Members to view or enter information…  some privacy areas may include Scoutmaster and Committee member lists.  Need ot know why Documents has password protection.

* Review intent of Bottom menu – assume all password protected and sensitive or Committee only or SMs only would work here…