Scoutmaster Conference

Scoutmaster Conference:

Each rank requires a Scoutmaster Conference.

This is a meeting you have with the Scoutmaster after you have everything signed off (except Scout Spirit) for a particular rank.

When you are ready, COMPLETE THE FORM ON THE RIGHT => to request your conference. Plan ahead and don’t let time creep up on you. After you have scheduled an appointment, be on time and be in full uniform.

This conference gives the Scoutmaster an opportunity to talk with you and get to know you better. This is not a test. At the Scoutmaster conference you will likely talk about the things in scouting you like best.

  • Are you having any problems?
  • What are your plans for advancing to the next rank?
  • What other goals might you have?
  • When appropriate, what your leadership goals are?

You may discuss merit badges and which ones you might enjoy doing next, and which ones you should be doing next. Your Scoutmaster will check that you have completed all he requirements for the rank and prepare you for your Board of Review.